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Esalen Institute

Big Sur, California

“Ed Welch navigated competing visions from multiple stakeholders and successfully crafted meeting room doors for Esalen’s newly renovated Lodge building that provide a compelling narrative for the iconic, Big Sur institution’s continuing mission. Old growth redwood, salvaged from a Wisconsin pickle brining factory, repatriated to the West Coast, embellished with oculi describing winter and summer constellations, and “Seed of Life” door pulls. Dovetail furthers the aesthetic tradition established at Esalen by Selig Morgenrath in the early 1970’s and conducts it into the new century.”

Tom Beil, Architect

Tilt Architects | Berkeley, CA

“Ed Welch has created the portals to Esalen Institute’s future.  The doors that we designed and created with Dovetail Construction are beautifully crafted with care, and are the perfect entrance to our two new premier meeting rooms.  The artistry and craftsmanship of these doors is unparalleled, and offers as inspiration to people as they enter into the space.  Built with old growth reclaimed redwood, and featuring custom metalwork, these doors are built to be an iconic feature of our newly expanded lodge.”

Esalen | Big Sur, CA

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