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Mela Breen, Architect

“Dovetail Construction can build anything you can imagine. Ed Welch and his team are true craftsmen. Their work is beautifully made with an attention to detail, while simultaneously mindful of performance and sustainability. Our experience collaborating with Ed has always been a pleasure and I look forward to working with Dovetail Construction on future projects.”

Michael Heacock, Architect

 “I love to work with artisans like Ed, who make my projects better than I imagined.”

“Ed’s craftsmanship and service exceeded our expectations.”

“I appreciate the creativity, craftsmanship and service that Ed brings to our projects.”

Steve Matuszak, Client

“Ed Welch is not a new age craftsman who takes shortcuts to achieve a superficially good looking product that won’t hold up to the stewards of time. His doors are truly masterpieces. His attention to detail is not often experienced these days. He was extremely easy to work with and in my case contributed his design skills by bouncing ideas off of me until we achieved a very personal and amazing collection of his works of art.”

Dave Good, General Contractor

“Dovetail has provided me with quality work from beautiful high-end doors to simple cabinets for several years now. They are topnotch craftsmen with complete understanding of all woods and can do about anything imagined.”

“Their complete shop is also great for any woodworking task difficult to accomplish on a job site.”

Hayes Parzybok, Vice President of Development for Mountainside Partners | Northstar at Lake Tahoe

“Ed and his team came in at the last minute on our Stellar Townhomes Project and provided
a very high level of craftsmanship in a timely manner. We have been very impressed with their workmanship, their attention to details, and their integrity and will definitely be including them in our bid pool for future work. I don’t often recommend subcontractors, but I am happy to do so in this case.”

Marc Mandel, Owner of Crossroads Recycled Lumber

“Ed Welch is a bona fide craftsman.”

“Very clean, modern, crisp home with an influence of Japanese design and craftsmanship.”

“The plaster and the woodworking in this house are awesome!”

Devin Ajax, Contractor

“It’s nice to work with materials that are true and square to begin with, not half ass thrown together junk.”

“Great Job, makes it easy for me.”

Honora M. Hanley, PhD., Furniture Client

“I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy this beautiful ‘hutch’ you have built me. It has been a masterful and beautiful piece since the day you delivered it, and has only become more stunning as the cherry wood it’s constructed with has ‘matured,’ becoming more golden over time. A day does not go by that I don’t gain pleasure in looking at this gorgeous cabinet, and can’t tell you how grateful I am for your attention to detail and craftsmanship. Thank you so much!”

Tom Beil, Arkin Tilt Architects | Berkeley, CA

“Ed Welch navigated competing visions from multiple stakeholders and successfully crafted meeting room doors for Esalen’s newly renovated Lodge building that provide a compelling narrative for the iconic, Big Sur institution’s continuing mission. Old growth redwood, salvaged from a Wisconsin pickle brining factory, repatriated to the West Coast, embellished with oculi describing winter and summer constellations, and “Seed of Life” door pulls. Dovetail furthers the aesthetic tradition established at Esalen by Selig Morgenrath in the early 1970’s and conducts it into the new century.”


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